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SKFN allows to do a lot. We are constantly developing and constantly adapting to you! For us, there is no option to fail.

Complete solutions

Tailor - made solutions - ideal for everyone or individual if necessary.

Easy installation

Extremely simple installation. We have extensions to the most popular CMS that streamline implementation.

Excellent Optimization

Using SKFN services does not slow down your online business! We have perfectly optimized tools.

Technical Masterpiece

Technical advancement allows us to secure every business well.

Responsive Design

All our tools were designed from the very beginning with the assumption of operating on every platform!


Option to specify any notification settings. We can inform you about every activity on your site.

App introduction

What is the SKFN Protection system really? And how can I use it in my business?

SKFN are complex solutions for securing your online business!

Our tools will help protect your business against abuse, extortions and frauds. Once an identified cheater and fraudster in our database can be identified at each subsequent attempt to cheat.

How many times have you encountered a dishonest customer who has swindled shopping by entering a dispute with PayPal? You had to pay back the money, but they did not returned goods. That's why SKFN! Our system allows you to identify cheats. It depends on you what you will do.


The operation of the system is very simple and effective. What is worth emphasizing is that the more partners have SKFN Protec, more cheaters can be traced!


To be able to protect yourself and your business, it is necessary to implement the SKFN Protect System in your business.


The system collects data from all SKFN users, analyzing them all the time and performing actions consistent with the user's choice.

Indication of danger

Continuous analysis and exchange of data allow for a very quick risk finding and an action in line with the choice made - send notification or sales blocking.

Simplicity of Action

The SKFN Protect system works fully autonomously or manually. Depending on the selected settings. The standalone mode works fully for you, informing you on a current basis about what it has just done.

Data safety

The SKFN system is fully decentralized. No user and their data will be forwarded to others. You can trust us!

Easy Manage

SKFN protect allows you to fully automate your business without fear of user abuse. Every online business should be protected from dishonest users!



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Below you can check the currently available protection packages. Of course, you can always contact us to clarify your custom package.



Per Month

  • 2 Businesses Max
  • Autonomous mode
  • Help in Installation
  • Guarantee up to $10000
  • Customer Support 24/7



per month

  • 10 Business max
  • Autonomous mode
  • Help in Installation
  • Guarantee up to $50000
  • Customer Support 24/7


Please Ask

per month

  • any number of Businesses
  • Autonomous mode
  • Help in Installation
  • Guarantee up to $1M
  • Direct contact with the Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the SKFN Protect System.

Everything is able to be determined. You can set in the options that the SKFN system on your business website will not do anything with the cheater, and will only send you a notification that a given user is a potential fraudster or will block access to sales opportunities, and in extreme cases will completely disable browsing. The degree of protection and counteraction depends only on you!

Our system has been available on the market for over a decade. Previously, it was developed over the years with the participation of giants such as PayPal and Amazon. With time, however, there was the time of evolving and creating commercial version that everyone can use. The SKFN system monitors hundreds of transactions daily. Each irregularity is checked and analyzed. SKFN system contributors can mark a person who has carried out an unfair trafficking, the user will be remembered in the system. The moment they visit another SKFN protect system, you will be informed about the potential danger.

SKFN Protect is a new system on the market. We are one of the most innovative companies on the market. Our system is being developed all the time. It is still collecting data and its database is growing all the time. Every user of the SKFN system affects its development, and any fraud in the use of SKFN protect, which will be detected under the Guarantee, is fully covered by SKFN protect. Whoever fools you and your business will be saved in the system, we will refund your money for it in the amount you are cheated on!

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